Recent Hiatus Status

I am currently upset with myself that I failed to update my travelogue in time :( It has been years since the Korea trip and it has been month since my Bangkok trip. LOL. I am actually about to start again, with blogging. But then I am currently hooked up with work, trying to save up pennies for my next dream trip. At first I thought being a blogger was not that hard huh. Just type whatever you want and tadaah just click the post button and you're done. But then while doing it, it made me realized how hard and how much commitment it needed to actually get there. Fiuhhh a-lot! From what I observed, people who blogs usually bring along their laptop whenever they go. Update must be on the same day so that you don't delay. But then, all I do was updating after coming back from the trip lol. No wonder everything went into the drain. It is harder to do it than say. Sobs. I am currently working as a barista, which always been one of my favourite part time job. Coffee has always been my passion since my first sip. Starting from the sweet caramel macchiato up to iced americano on the rock these days. Frankly speaking, my passion grows bigger with my taste buds. And currently, I am having split second thought about it. But I know that I am way too far from what I studied in college. But I do believe life has many surprises for those who wait and brave to take the lead.But then, I have to be serious about it.. Doing coffee or something related to it may not seems like a promised future but you know no one know about your future,or  their own future. My friend said why not. My mom raised her eyebrows when I mentioned about it even though she knew that I always had the passion in this since long time ago. I even had the thought of doing it seriously, like entering a short course or go to a barista school lol. Or maybe not. Maybe a short course on baking perhaps? lol. I am so indecisive. But one thing that I know about is, I enjoyed working for now. I know this is nothing close to a long term career or job, but I actually had fun doing it. Like how people always say that if you do what you like, it wont feel like you're working at all, you're feeling like just doing a hobby ;) And surprisingly, I do feel it. But before I continue with anything, I'm gonna have to cry for the amount that I have to collect before I go to Japan lol :/ I'm crying buckets And the current currency is not doing great as well, in fact it's superrrrrrrrr bad, Hmmmmmmmm. What's gonna happen with our future I can't :( Anyway, I will try to my best to update but actually, uodating in delay is such a problem because I already forgot what I wanted to write lol.

But these days I actually got into Lang Leav's books. I think her words are like so on point in every sentence she typed. It's not that I actually discovered her books now, no. It's just that everything she said is like.. super relate-able somehow it felt like a relieved kinda feeling. lol. I know. I'm weird hehe. I actually love reading poems more than books or novels just because they're super short, direct, and take the shortest time to finish up. I don't really read books that often. But I just love reading her books. I have also written my own poem. Because I actually sucks at expressing myself. But it's only for personal keep lol.