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Hey everyone. My name is Fera Jas. Don't ask why it sounds weird but it's unique aint it? HAHA. Hmm I love Travelling, Photography, Fashion, and Music. This is my blog that I have been managing since a few years ago. Eventhough my layout is not that perfect and my photos are not that flawless, I'm still learning. Eventhough sometimes I mix my language and accents, my apologies. Sometimes feelings suit better in Malay. Hihi.

 I really love Photography, digital or analogue. I own Diana F+, Canon, and the newest Fujifilm Mini Instax 7s :) And as I said before I love musics so much and I listen to them like, 24/7. Yup, it's true :)

And also, please follow my blog if you wish to. And if you think you got annoyed by the posts, stop reading. But if you have fun reading it, continue on :) I sometimes post random subjects and sometimes a bit too personal on this blog so, just keep up with it or let it go because sometimes I'm not even comfortable myself saying few things that I shouldn't said in public but since I've moved my personal blog somewhere in the universe, I guess it's okay now to share a few moments with my beloved followers. Hope you guys like the new page.

Bisou Bisou,