Garage51 & My Kind of Friday Night

Okay. This is a very late update. Thought I have lots more to share about my trip but I wasn't been able to find the time to do. Sigh. Life is very busy if you might asked, but human can never work non-stop. I still find some time off to shake those stress away. To me, life has always been on the line, like walking on a thin thread to cross over. And it would be that lonely to fall on your own. Oh well everyone is busy. Just bear the loneliness.

At one point of time sometimes, I always thought that I can't do this anymore. I'm not even graduated yet and yet I have lost all the joy in life. Maybe that is something that I am not ready to sacrifice. Right now things are not clear for me. I might have to look out on alternatives starting for now. My dream was never to be someone who can showoff of what she can earn or title she's holding, but to be just a functional adult, to my mum, to my family and everyone around me. 

Whatever it is that I might decide, might change my whole life too. Living a life by telling people that "I can't go" "I can't do that" "I'm busy" is actually not what I anticipated when I was younger. But here I am saying those words to people everyday. Even to my own family. Upsetting. But until I figured out what am I gonna do next in my life, I will just stick to my current ambitious dream. 

And on top of that, something occured last month that involved a few of my close friends. A mistake that people do but affecting other people life, is unfair. Well whoever did, whatsoever happen is not my biggest concern. I don't really care what do you wish to do in life. Some people just like to do things in their on way, in a simpler way. I don't say that it is right, and I don't say that it's wrong either. So what if you could do something courageous and can score a better result? The world spins this way these days. Everything has to be related with the outcomes. The methods of getting there is not that important.

But to me, I always did what I could afford. I tried not to utilize that kind of method because they will become more addictive that you might have to repeat yourself again. And the worst part is, what you did eat you. It'll become the weapon against yourself. I rather not. If it was me.But different people have different thinking and I'm not blaming anyone on this. I'm pretty sure that people have their own reason for their doings.  But, with this going on still the atmosphere in my class is all ruined. It will never be the same. People mocking people here and there. Different stories heard. Friends who doesn't look like one. This is where your friendship been put to the test. Either take their hand when they fall down or just walk by and watch what will happen next.

Enough with all of those upsetting stories, here's a fun one. Or atleast to me it is hehe.

So, Moi Chan, Shaf and I went to Garage 51 this Friday. To get my kind of antidepressant drug. A cup of coffee. And their coffee is so gooood. I ordered my fave, Caramel latte and oh boy they're so good. No doubt on what people commented on their Foursquare as tips to the others. But we didn't ordered any food but only coffee and desserts. I just love the Christmas vibe they had done to the shop and somehow the vibe is kind of like a Brooklyn to me hehehe. Way to far on imagining huh :3 Our luck gets better when I saw a few cute boys were setting up their instruments at a corner of the shop, which is infront of our table! Close enough to observe every steps lol. That sounds way too creepy huh hehe. No lah that was only a joke.

And idk why but I have a thing for bass and guitar players hewhewhewhew. and I will always be. Hahahahahahahaha. Okay that's enough lol
 My more than decent caramel latte

The dxmn Christmas tree is blocking my good view as I have the best spot in the house. The drummer, who looks like Junhyung has catched more of my attention not because of anything, but only because he looks like Junhyung hehehe. I should have asked Shaf to record a video lol. He is so passionate meanwhile the band has their own connections and affectionate towards each other while playing. That makes them looked good as a band :D But I don't know what they are called -.- If not, I could have been a fan already! Ekekeke

I'll surely return back to catch another glimpse of them! And maybe ask what are they called? LOL. No, actually I should come back here for their coffee ♥

* Taken at a coffee shop in Seoul ♥ *
 One of many reasons why I always thought that I should just move here. Like seriously

Until then.
안녕히주무세요. 굿밤. 잘자요.