#Throwback 2013: Seoul Trip Part 1 (2013년 서울 대학교 가을여행)

Ahaaaaaaa I wonder what took me so long to update on this trip lol. It has been about 3 months since the trip and only now I found the time and urge to type and share it out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.  And so here what it was actually. Supposedly it's just a trip that my friends and I planned to do but it turned out that many people wanted to join since there was supposed to be a trip something like this being organized for educational purpose, that means we are going to visit a university there. Organizing this trip was not easy. Was not. Was not. It's an event whereby organized and planned on our own without the help of our lecturers. They only make sure on things but not dealing with it. Hence, fiuhhhhh.

By opting MAS, our flight was scheduled to be at 23:50 on the 5th November. Midnight flight is always an option since we can just sleep during the whole journey and won't really feel the distance but the thing is, you have to eat your breakfast at 3AM. Heol. hhahahhaa. I can't even open my eyes when the steward walked by and asked " Nasi lemak or omelette for you Miss?" and I was like wth.."Omelette please..". Trololol

마레이시아 KLIA >>>>인천, 대한민국 INCHEON

The 3AM omelette lol. SOOOO GOOD THO 좀 맛있는데 :D

좀 신난다 !!! 한국 가자아아아아아아아아 ...! So excited. Korea let's gooooooo

Sinchon/Edae 신천/이대 

And this is a picture as soon as we arrived at our accomodation area. Since it's my first autumn trip and so are the rest, once we've arrived at Incheon airport, all of us even straight walking towards outside of the airport to try the early morning autumn dawn air. It's cool than what we're expecting but hey that's what we're here for. To be frozen to death lol. But not until the dying point tho hehehe. Exaggerating it a little. I am always amazed with organized countries where you don't even have anything to complaint about.So, this place is actually exist for people like me.. Ahuh. Exciting first day heyyy!

 너무 신난다! 이거 제 첫 가을 여행이에요. 많이 기대 해는대, 모든 다 한번 해보기에요.