Ok fiqhan I'll take your challenge!

1.My fullname is Nur Afera Bt Azmy. Don't ask why and what's the meaning, idk haha. But whenever I say, " Hi, nama saya fera". And they'll say, ' Nice nickname'. =.=

2. And everyone must knows that nicknames are all created during high school aite? Well, dulu org panggil saya dengan bermacam gelaran. Antaranya Ferox, Fera, Fera Jas, Jas haa ape ape laa. Tapi since dah upgrade kan diri ke university ni, org pggil fera je. But sometimes Diman called me Jas ;) Ok laa tu kot.

3. I only had 2 ex boyfriends so far and almost 6 crushes and scandals since elimentary school until now. HAHA banyak tak? Ouch. Boyfriend pertama adalah during zaman transition dr sekolah rendah ke sekolah mnengah. Clash time form 2. Boyfriend ke 2, awal tahun form 3 clash tengah tahun tp couple balik smpai tengah2 form 4 je. Boyfriend ke 3, Thara khalid. Hujung tahun form 4 sampai sekarang ????! HAHA imy fake boyfriend :)

4.Saiz kasut tak menentu. Dari 6,7,8,9. HAHA gila kan ? But depends laa terhadap size kasut itu. Tapi if Jimmy Choo, saiz 8 ;)

5. Tinggi?! I'm 166.5 cm tall. Not that really tall but for girls' height, I might be. Dulu angan angan nak study hebat2 sbb nak pg study overseas then kawin mat salleh sbb boleh laa pkai heels topshop ke ape kan tanpa rasa merendah diri. HAHA tapi last2 duduk kat Puncak Alam. So now what? kah kah

6. I'm using Nokia 7610 Supernova for now and maybe change it into Nokia E5 ;) mama pleaseee ? huhu

7. I'm really into photography but don't get me wrong okay people, I'm Not a Poser :) I love both cameras and owns a lomography camera, Diana F+ Edelweiss, don't ask why. And as a photography lover, I don't really fancy with all those posers out there. Sorry dude. I don't really like some people who just take photos with the worst camera angle and wrong ISO and wrong white balance bla bla bla. They snapped the photo and edited it maximumly where everything is blurry and overexposed and many more. Let me tell ya a bit about photo editing aite. When u want a photo to look nice and really praise-worthy, don't edit it like people could tell that you have edited it. Okay? Let the photo be nice and look natural. Now that's Photography! ;)

8.Currently learning mandarin. It's the only way to speak to my new family. haiya!

9. I love to Shop. A lot! I could finish like 1000 MYR in a few minutes. Hard to believe huh? Like what Obama said, Yes, I can! ;) And I even won't break a sweat. That's the best part :)

10. I like to listen to music. All the time. But I hate scremo and all of those old jiwang2 song. And for those who is currently studying in puncak alam, y'all can tell when you bump into me right? My earphones are always plucked into my ears. Sometimes I can use it as an excuse where I don't want to listen to something that someone's said because I know things could get worse if I listen to it. Pathetic but effective ;)

11.I like arts sooo much. At first, my ambition was to be a fashion designer and I almost score a scholarship to Lim Kok wing but my family don't really come to a decision when I talk about the whole fashion thing. So I've decided to drop the scholar and let someone who really wants to be one. I can draw and do good stuff in arts. I was the Chief Graphic editor of our previous school magazine during my mighty days, I also designed Tshirts, editing few short movies and many more HAHA. And also the hmm enough about my high school days lah. Konklusinya, saya ni kreatif laa kan. haha

12. In this world, We've been told that we have 7 twins. Just a few similarity here and there right? So people have figured out some of my twins HAHA. it's going to be kinda meluat laa to say this tapi org yg cakap. It's not me. HAHA. My first twin is Miley cyrus. Idk why but they say my eyes is as the same as hers. Next, liyana Jasmay. Our lips look the same they say. And then Stacy Af6. Haa yg ni I cluelesss sbb yg ni one of my bestfriends' mum yg ckp. KAH KAH semuanya feymes feymes, except me. HAHA

Haa banyak lagi ni. Hmmm

13. I have 4 siblings including me. First one is my bro, Afry bin Azmy 20 years old, STAROBA, and now UKM.
2nd, me laa 18 years old SRIKANDI stf and now UiTM P. Alam
3rd, Nur Azera bt Azmy, 16 years old STF jugak
4th, Nur Afeqa bt Azmy, 14 years old, SMK Convent je haha.
And an interesting fact is, All girls in our family have a birthdate on 14th except my bro laa on 19th. Me, 14th May 1992. My second sis, 14th June 1994 and my third sis, 14th August 1996. And exact 2 years gap each. HAHA crazyy

14. It's hard to admit this but I'm a big fan of Korean's Entertainment. HAHA You call it lame, I'll say whatever people :)

15. I really really really like someone who named ' Danial' or ' Daniel'. Idk why but it ticks me. All these while I've been looking for a Daniel, but still nothing so far. Or maybe I just name my own son later HAHA

16. I really love to drink Mocha. Anything with Mocha ;) especially from Baskin Robins'. Their's are superb I tell ya.

17. I watched a little bit of football since I got caught up with it frm my ex-boyf. And I don't really support any team because at one time MU is the best but the next second, they go down the hill and dissapear like Pooff. That quick haha

18. I am a soft hearted person. I am easily offended. And sometimes I'm a bit careless. Just a tiny bit :P

19. I can cook! I can seriously cook haha. If You wanna taste some, later when i moved into our new home in another few years till it finish, I'll throw a party. A house warming party ;) Y'all invited of course.

20. I once had a High school group consist of 11 members in the beginning. Due to some technical problems, only 9 people made it till the end. They were the one who made my day during my high school years. Eventhough we were all kinda apart during the last days of SPM, but I'll say that it's all the school's rule to blame for putting us according to our blocks in every dorms. But I'll say we're still good till now eventhough there were a lot of meetings and arguments, truths and lies, scandals before but we made it ;) I Love you guys. Where are you all, Thara khalid, Mya Faqhira, Sheila alya, Syazana Azmi, Nurbaya Mustaffa. Anna Rahim, Shalfida Shahril,Afiqah Hanis * kau kat UM aku tawu haha now ? Imya :(

21. My toothbrush is orange. I use Palmolive berry shower foam. Bodyshop Maringa Milk BodyLotion. Silkygirl Pure lipstick. Rimmel eyeliner in Black. Maybelline liquid eyeliner. Elianto sheer loose powder in sand beige. Mybelline Cat eyes mascara. And I love Paris Hilton can can's perfume :)

22. I hate White and Milk chocolates. I onlyconsume dark chocolates ;)

23. I used to love Jonas Brothers insanely. I owned their posters, I pasted them on my bedroom walls, I bought their albums, I bought their biography book which is quite expensive though, I've done everything I could to be a fanatic fan but it all ends now, since Kevin got married and Joe Jonas starting to date Demi Lovato which currently switched to Ashley Greene. Urghh

24. Owned a ring carved with ' GREG 0509' which I still wear it till today and never gonna take it off until somebody will make me wanna take it off. It holds a whole great memories that I can't let go :(

25. And the last one is, hmm I have this one password which I use it as my email, bank cards, blog, yahoo, flickr, twitter, tumblr and anything that needs passwords. So If u think I give it away to you, You should appreciate it that I give my trust to you because I don't simply trust people.

So there you have it. I don't know what to say but If you think I ever mention something not worthy to know, ignore it. Lacks of idea here.

Hmm let me pass this to you guys and you can reply back wherever you want :
Adiman. Asyif. Yanana. Nini. Suffi. Basyarul. tharakhalid. Sheila alya. And to those who are interested ;)