Of Flour, Cake & Cigarrete

This event happened so long time ago, on the 21st of November, but just writing it for recaps. It's a birthday celebration of one of my colleague from Parkson, Fharidzul Mansor. We celebrated at HR Kampung Baru. Just a small advance celebration because most of the people who joined have their own plans on his real birthday including me. Hihi. So as usual, the only cake we managed to buy was the traditional Chocolate Indulgence frm SR. I sometimes don't geddit why everybody must buy this cake for a birthday celebration..*thinking* and to make a rough estimation, I probably ate too many of this cake per annum bcs everytime a birthday comes, it has to that cake ._. Nevermind, as long as it tastes good, I'm all good :)

Birthday boy and Sheila ( we called her She )
And of course, what birthday that doesn't come with flour fest on the list? 

Yeah, we celebrated after him and the others came back from work. The early party planner were Daniel, Me , Fikri Syafiq and She :)
Fikri Syafiq and I.  He looks so like an artis en? #Retis Hahaha

Ohhh and this is how you could destroy your Blackberry so easily. It's " Killing me softly" method. Poor Berry.

With my bff  Daniel Szen :)
All of my other colleagues 

The present that Daniel and I gave ( the red with ribbon package)  :DDD Hihihi.

Overall, it was a nice and intimate celebration ( with cozy musics and dim lighting) :) I hope I can do the same for my birthday too in the future. I would like a celebration that is intimate and memorable, minus all the dirty pranks. Hihihi. And to Fharidzul, you're not that young anymore :p Be wise about everything and goodluck for your future! Ohh but at first it was so awkward because some of the new staffs joined us but ahh who cares? Just ignore the awkwarness and be friendly. Haha. I know who didn't being friendly at all :P But it was so good to catch up with Firdaus! I miss his sarcasm and jokes so badly :/ It's so good to catch up with him again and heard him sing. It would be better if Izar was there too :'(

ohh ohh after the celebration ended, we went to RedBox Lowyatt to test a few songs! Hhihih. All thanks to Fikri Syafiq for the generosity :D