Travelling ♥


Eventhough I am still unemployed and haven't even got my Degree certificate yet as a bachelor student, there is nothing that can stop my eager to continue travelling to the places where I though happiness is freedom and independence ♥ That is my DREAM. 

And up until now, I haven't decided what I should do with my life. All I can think is, as long as I can have time to travel and have fun in life, nothing else matters.

제가 원래 어릴 때부터, 여행이 관심  많아서. 이제, 우리 아빠랑 여행 같이 못가 서, 제가 여행 잘가고 싶어요, 그리고 항상 우리아빠 마음 속에있는 생각해요. 그렇게, 나의 마음은 더 편하게서요. 아직도 다 예쁜 추억을 제가 잘 기억해요. 

10월, 기다릴게요. 제가 많이 기대해 거든요 ♥

Wehoooo waiting until my next trip :) Mmmmhhehehehe