KL>>>> Seoul 2014 : 20일 10월 2014년

About a year ago, we had organized a study trip to Seoul with the whole class. With just about only 6 days to spend for ground, many things could not be done. Just sooo many things to do yet so little time available. And for those who haven't been to Seoul yet, you must. You should!

And so when the ticket was on sale, I just couldn't ignore the temptation to book my journey back :D I've waited almost a year for this trip and I worked myself too, in order to find the freedom while travelling. Got myself a part-time job while struggling with final year assignments and research paper.  As always, my determination always win over me no matter how hard it would be :)

Challenged myself by travelling for two weeks with only a medium-sized luggage. I know it is quite impossible since my interest has always been on shoes, bags and other stuffs that actually take a lot of space hehe. But people say that the bigger your luggage is, the heavier it'll get. And I only booked 25 kg allocation on my way back and if I ever crossed the line, I'll die. Haha

For a two weeks trip, I packed about 6-7 clothes only in order to save up some space in the bag. The clothes can be washed to be reused and new ones can be bought. So the idea of bringing 14 clothes is just not right for travelling light. I actually think bringing about 6-7 clothes is actually more than enough. Light packers might have only brought 5(?) for two weeks idk. Haha. 

These cute passport holders are only one in the world! Made them at Bangkok :D Our flight was actually at 01:00 and to kill some time we chilled out at Starbucks for some coffee and treats. KLIA2 surprisingly better than KLIA in terms of food choices and shops. I actually have no idea what to do if I were to wait at KLIA. There were just some expensive boutiques and McDonalds. Unless if you hang inside the boarding hall lah. It's only the three of us this time instead of 30 people. Esther and Shaf are also going, but at different days. I actually prefer a little bit larger group than these, maybe 5 people? But 3 is also fine to me :)

Flights to Seoul usually scheduled at midnight (Idk about other airlines but both MAS and Airasia usually flying at midnight). It actually will save you a day by taking this flight since it will take about 6 hours and 20 mins to arrive. Therefore, you should be landing around 7am or so and thus starting the day as early as it is without wasting your trip duration :) Unexpectedly, this time around we flew with AA and the flight was not bad actually. Smooth landing and enough leg room for me since I've always struggling with small leg room ;( Nevertheless, it was bearable. The only thing that made me choose AA as my last choice would be the Add-ons. You have to add every single thing from food, beverages, comfort kits, entertainment kits, baggage bla bla bla. It will go up as expensive as if you originally choose a normal airlines instead of budget airlines sometimes. But if you're lucky enough, you could save a lot actually (if the flight ticket is half than normal airlines).

Let's go!

자, 이제 줄발 할겁니다. 서울 다시 만나수있슬라고 정말 기쁨입니다. 이렇게 한국말을 많이 공부했어서, 이번에, 사람들이 통하하는 것 문제 없이 좀 좋겠어요. 그냥 나 만 한국말을 할수있슬거라고, 안부족했스면 좋겠어요. 

Upon arrival, if you were to travel during cold season, make sure to bring along your jacket with you on board. You can either use it as blankets or neck pillow or whatever you can think off so that you won't get ripped by the add-ons cost :p But AA and MAS flights are not that cold until you need a blanket tho. But idk about other airlines. And prior to your landing, Incheon airport still have their heaters on I think. So you actually won't shiver once you got off the flights and walked to the terminal to get your bag. And this year, an airport staff approached me to ask a favour. She came with a form to do some survey about their airport and gave me a small gift as an appreciation token. She also asked me what's not enough, what's bad, what's good and what's worth praising. I am actually surprised by their airport's efforts in order to upgrade the airport system for visitors' sake and comfort. No wonder they are now standing as the World 2nd Best Airport hmm. Now do we know what are we lacking? YES.