Travelogue: Singapore Day 2


Good day everyone! After a super delish breakfast prepared by Syaf's bibik, off we went to USS :D Take the MRT and alight at HarbourFront station ok guys. There is no Universal Studios Singapore station haha. Jangan pergi tanya org camtu pulak. It is situated in Sentosa Island. You will take the Sentosa Express to enter Sentosa Island. The ticket is S$3 :) All day pass and you can go anywhere you want on the island. They have the 'replica' of Merlion here too, but we didnt have time and energy to take picture with it :( Well actually I am making an excuse for a next time... hehehe

Remember, where ever you go, please take the map provided. Don't depend on people's direction a lot, be independent to experience the real adventure haha ewahh

Waiting for the next train at Sentosa express

Amazedness obviously shown lulz

A picture at the globe, a must.

Since were lucky enough, we purchased the tickets online, we got $6 coupon for food and beverage, and $6 coupon for merchandise all thanks to Ammar Hakim for telling me about the promo :) well of course everything there was pricey huhu. Even a mineral water would cost you S$2.80++ yaknow. Our ticket costed us $74 each. I know many people are having doubt whether to go to uss on your first trip to Singapore right? Well that happened to us too. We didnt want to go but Adilah insisted and we did. And at the end of the day, WE REGRET NONE! Every single pennies you pay was all worth it :) Here's something that would help some of you guys in the future as a quick guide :)


 1. Wear your thinnest clothes or clothes that absorb sweat, and comfortable bcs it is freaking HOT there, hotter than Mlysia. So girls, dont bother wearing your 3-4 layered beach dresses. You will sweat like crazy lol

 2. Wear closed shoes bcs majority all of the rides involves roller coasters and vigirous movement. Or wear sandal bertali ok. But you can always ride them without your shoes haha

 3. Bring your own water bottle because they provided water cooler dispenser everywhere! ( saving too )

4. Each time you put your stuffs into the locker, esp for roller coaster rides, make sure you come back for it within 30mins, or else $4 will be charged for being over the time limit. I adviced you to use a locker for every single game. Eventhough the rides are using only one locker place, come back for your stuffs after you are done with the first game, take your stuffs and ask for a new locker. We experienced it, so you don't want to pay S$4 for being just 1 minute late also right..

5. What to eat you asked? Yeah, the Halal toyibban issue. There's a few of Halal restaurant stated on their website. Make sure you check them out first. We ate at a fast food diner called Mel's. The Halal sticker is also present to take away your curiosity :)

6. Bring your own raincoat. Even before departing to Singapore, head down to your nearest watson/Guardian, and buy a raincoat. The raincoat sold inside is at S$3 each. Still buying it? huhu. But if you didnt want to buy it, it's ok. There are body drying station outside the Jurassic Park ride, at S$5 each, or just get wet! You will get dry once you walk around :) if you feel uncomfortable, bring some spare clothes.

7. Take every and each ride no matter how boring they look! Especially their awesome Transformer the Ride and their rollercoaster!! take the RED one first, then the BLUE one for maximum experience ekeke.

8. Bring your camera along. Felt a lil bit menyesal because I didnt bring my DSLR along. ( another excuse for a next time.. lulz)

The super busy Mel's Diner, our lunch place :) It looks like a vintage American diner

The Far Far Away castle, every child's dream :D

Curi curi amik gambar before the ride started lulz

NY Vintage Taxi yaww :D

With Shrek and his what's her name again? hehe

Just a casual pose...

After done trying all the ride, we left the place around 5.30pm. If you wanted to buy the Vitamin Water to reenergized yourself, it is better for you to buy at Garret's, right outside USS gate. They sell them for only S$2 ! Inside uss, they are probably sold at S$3.80. Be smart :) I bought myself the USS tumblr with my S$6 voucher. Yeayers! Coffee lovers like me would appreciate it more than anything I guess hihi. Then, you must make a stop at VIVO shopping mall, which is located at the Sentosa Express place. I bought jeans at F21 for only S$17 !!!!! The cheapest jeans I bought in history! lulz love love it.

After resting for a while, we continued our journey to Chinatown. They closed pretty early you know, around 10pm++. I thought it is something like our Danau Kota haha. Since it was on the same track as Harbourfront, it's a must to make a pitstop. Just 2 stations away. Making a pitstop here to buy affordable souvenirs for friends and family. Eventhough we were kinda not that rich, but buying something for them is a must!

Yeah I know. Don't say a word about the blurryness of these photos. Shaky hands, tired bodies, not enough equipment lulz. That's why I said menyesal I didnt bring my dslr. I mean how heavy can it be after all right. Only now I know no matter how heavy it is, It's a MUST when travelling!  So we bought T-shirts for ourselves, keychains & I ♥ SG for our friends and family :) The price they offered was affordable as well. Try to come here if you're in town :)

Arrived at Sembawang around 10++. As usual, me, did a bit studying after that. Well I even fell asleep while waiting for Syaf to come back home lol. Really really tired but that was a part of the sacrification needed.
2nd day ended here ♥