This Week Pick : Asyif Amirulnaim

Nama dia Asyif. And look how cute he is !!!! hihi. he's a friend of mine which I met through Yana. The first time I met him was while I was jogging with yana and he joined. At first when I heard he's from MCKK, I had this first kinda bad impression as you know how MCKKians would be right ? Some are friendly and some are just so-so nice. Haha enough about them. So, at first I thought he's kinda snobby because he didn't want to talk to me so I had to start the conversation. And later we know that we're kinda like BFF now. Haha. Previously when I'm spending my vacation in Penang, he's my lovely adorable driver :) Thanks Asyifff. Hihi.

He is a kinda shy,soft hearted and kind person. He's soooo good to his friends and obeys to his parents. That's totally good because there are not so many that kind of people living in this world nowadays. We're lacking of good people here, extinct. HAHA. He also very concern to his surroundings and trying to satisfy people. Well, as a normal human being, we can't never really satisfy everyone actually because different people are created with different hearts. But we can try to do so, it's never a crime :) But Asyif, you should know that I will never throw tantrums or anger to youu. Don't worry so much okay. hihi. Unless you did something that pull the string. But other than that, I'm sure I'm fine with youu.
Just don't afraid to cross over the line and win big. The world is very unpredictable so face it with guts and will. And for this second semester, we shall work hard/smart together okay ? :)
And with everyone else of course. Hihi. It's never too late to achieve something that is hard to get. And I dont know why i'm talking about Asyiff right now haha. Just feel like it. He's a good person and deserve to be appreciated :) And to others, dont feel offended that I'm still not writing about youu ok :) When the right time rolls in, I will :DDD

P/s: Look how cool those photos are. Dia cool juga. Cool fashion, cool musics ;)