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Hello everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! It's me again. Hehehe. Miss me? Hmm I'm sorry for the hiatus, been busy lately And tired too. Everytime I"ve arrived home, it's always kinda late and the next thing that I really wanted to do is, sleep -.-' Because on the next day, I need to wake up early. That's why every seconds is precious, and it would be very brilliant to use that short of time to sleep. nghehe. So since I haven't been blogging for ages, this post maybe, extremely long. Hahaha. But I'll try to shorten it and divide it into compartments ok? So, take a deep breath because I'm gonna start this. * Fuuuhhhhhh (breathing deep)


Ok. As you all know, I've been job hunting since one week after I finished my Foundation programme right? And now I've got the job! With Szen at Parkson Pavilion. Along with Fikri syafiq too. Szen and I were soo happy about this since the working experience that we're gonna go through is kinda exclusive and professional. Chewahh. Haha. But soo true. We have to wear all black attire with the blazer and all and I have to tie my hair up bla bla bla, I think this is gonna be fun! I hope so :) And the starting salary is quite good too. Nghehehe

Suffi also scored a job in Watson, Pavilion as well. But what's giving him a deep headache is that he needs to start working everyday at 8AM. OMG that's so early. He's living with Szen so what's driving him insane is that how on earth is he gonna get to the LRT station early in the morning. They have to drive there and how Szen is driving him back and forth because Szen and I start our work at 9.30AM. So for him to tag along with Suffi and arriving in pavilion at 8.00AM, is such a headache. 1 and a half hour gap. What to do? Hmm but if he wouldn't mind and rethinks, maybe it is possible. I dont have anything to say about this one. Because I think we all are a survivor. By hook by crook, we still need to find a way out :) So u go settle this on your own ok. hehehe

So far, my life is just as happy as I want it to be. These few days lately, I've been seeing the people I want to see everyday. Just like back in Puncak Alam. And the trip from Ipoh to Faiz's place and then to KL is such a fun and new experience :)  Eventhough I can't tag along to Malacca, but that's fine with me. I'll find a way to go there one day. You know me right? I'm random. I can be anywhere around this world no matter what time or day it is. If I felt like going/doing something, I'll definitely do/go for it. But yeah,hanging out with Arip is the first time for me. He's nice and warm. He usually shy and quiet so it's kinda hard to even start a conversation with him but I'm still trying. Hehehe. I wish we can meet again and lepak some more :) I think we might have the same thoughts and things in common. And it would be nice if we can do a roadtrip together again someday. Hohohoho. 

Yesterday, I tagged along with the guys and went to see Szen's baby cousin. He's super adorable. He's the cutest thing everr. His name is Aaron if I'm not mistaken. I like to see him half-asleep(mamai) and everytime I played with his nose, he automatically close his eyes a bit and seems like going to sleep, but did not. Hee. Super adorable! A sudden feeling of having my own *overexcited seeing a baby HAHAHA. Then his cousin treat us so-called 'Burger Selekeh', it's at Ampang. It really look kinda messy but tastes soo good. They said that it's the Local Celebrities' choice of Burger. HAHAHA.

After hanging out almost everyday, we're kinda fed-up eating fast food and expensive food and our own pocket is drying out cash actually. HAHAHA. So I had the idea of eating some chicken rice at BB. So from pavilion, we have to walk to get there. And guess what, it was raining. At first, it's just only a few drop but the later, it's pouring like crazy! We have to go and stop under some shade and then continue again. Walked into some secret exits in Fahrenheit and exits to Lot10. We were all wet. No umbrella of course. That is like the last thing you would bring everytime you stepped out from your house right? so yeah. We're all wet -.-' Like some drenched puppies. So we had enough of playing with the rain and made up our mind to just eat at the Nasi Kandar Kayu at BB Walk. A mamak stall as you all know might be cheaper and simple right And Suffi is terrified to eat there again since his dinner costed him RM15, which is just a typical briyani+chicken+vege -.-' We didn't eat because we think we knew that the price might be pricey and we all had eaten KFC earlier while Suffi don't. That's why he ate without any notice, he's super hungry. But the at the end of the day, we all laughed at Suffi, thinking how much money he paid for his dinner, which didn't make him full at all. The portion is quite small I think. HAHA. It's better for us to just eat at Secret Recipe or maybe TGI. The price is almost the same but the difference is big.


Hmm one more thing that's been playing in my mind. It keep bothering me, all the time. It's hard and sad to see this happening especially to myself. But I can't say more. You know what, when you are not really doing something and then you did, you might be doing it again. And without any problems, you might keep doing it and you just don't know when to stop. I just don't understand this and I can't accept it actually. Because what I hate the most is CHANGES. For some people that I don't really care about, I don't give a damn about them. They can do whatever they want, they can be whoever they want to be. But when it comes to the people that I care about, I care them the most. It's either bear with them or just leave them. Before this, I have go through this problem where the person that I care the most won't listen to me and expect me to understand her condition and accept her just the way she is. But FYI, you are not born that way. So why bother asking me to understand something that I can't NEVER understand??! Don't expect me to. I am an open-minded person. Yes. I won't discriminate. But if I warned you to straighten out yourself and you didn't, I'm sorry. Give me 6 months and let's see if I can still tak to you again. Haa. Me is so garang you know. And once my thoughts about you has changed, it can NEVER go back to how it used to be. Never. 
I don't like people change because of their environment. Yes we do need to make adjustments to fit in but did I ever change? I think I didn't. God willing so far, Not yet. So why can't you? So my prayers everyday that I prayed, you guys won't ever change. I am really hoping this. Please don't. For me? Always remember what Miss Khaizan said and keep it in your heart. No matter how much money you made. No matter what. This is deep topic to talk about. If you understood this, good. If you don't, nevermind. I'm just saying you know, from what I saw.

And I haven't got the chance to go Karaoke yet -.-' nevermind. Does going to karaoke alone sounds so sad? Hmm I think it is. HAHAHA. But nevermind. I'll update you guys with my first day of work later ok ? :)  Szen is going to start working first, then me. So he will get my egg sandwiches for breakfast like he normally do back in puncak. Hahaha. Suffi too. This is great. I can't wait to work again! Wuhuuu. Hmm I'm gonna go and watch The Blind Side now. 
Good Night beautiful people :)

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