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Located in the heart of Subang, SS15, here another branch of COFFEA COFFEE is built for coffee lovers. I'm not sure the history of this shop but from what I've read or heard, it's a branch from one of the biggest coffee cultural city- SEOUL. or South Korea ( correct me if I'm wrong ). This coffee has just opened and when I went there previously, I'm quite shocked to see the number of people who lined up for coffee! Wow this coffee shop news spreads faster than anything huh. Well that's a good news to the owner then.
At the ordering counter. Nice and neat.

What I decided to go with that day. It was Iced Caramel Latte + Tiramisu- Kinda- Day :) Surprisingly, they tasted better than the S Company and C Company lattes. Lol. Maybe because of the beans and the blend that they classified as " MADONNA". Price is reasonable too. The tiramisu tasted good as well. Not too creamy nor too expresso-ish. Balanced taste for those who occasionally choose desserts containing coffee. Their specialty here stands for the Peanut butter coffees. Peanut butter Latte is the hot item if I'm not mistaken but I'm not that really into peanut butter so I didnt dare to go for it yet this time. Maybe next time around I will try em :D

Bad photo quality over bad hair day. What more can I say.. Sigh

Went there with Dina and Farel. Both are my highschool-mates. Just a brief catch-up session though. I prefer to do that in places with calm environment, with the smell of coffees and friendly Baristas- Nothing more I could asked for that day :) But the place got overcrowded at times.

If you're familiar with Korean games and culture, then you probably know what these lines are for, that's printed on the tissue papers. I'm not sure whether it is for design purpose or entertainment purpose,but this idea should receive some bonus! Creativity wins.

But the upper level of the shop is made for smokers. The only thing that makes me feel suffocated is the small space of itl. Then you'll be sitting close enough with people who smokes and increasing the chances of you "smoking" as well. lol. That day we went and scored a table upstairs but I couldn't even bare 5 minutes because it's so suffocating. I still do love my lungs *bajet* Haha. Then we called the staff to secure us seats downstairs if there is any empty table.

The only thing that's cool about the upper level is, the "F&B Elevator". Hahaha. I was so jakun to see it for the first time actually. Amazeballs! So that your food or drinks will never spill whenever the staff tripped while on their way upstairs accidently whatsoever. I think not many Malaysian's shop/restaurant has this right? Or not? IDC. They still win. lol.

Posted this late but only now I only feels like it. Maybe it's because exam fever is here and I am desperately in need of caffeines. Lotsa 'em !!!

Anyway, do try them out Coffee Lovers! You wont regret :) 


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